Why user friendly website design is Important?

Why user friendly website design is Important?

Why a user as well mobile friendly website design is important?

Having a strong online presence is necessary. If we are talking about a website’s success there is a simple truth, if you want that people like your website, and come again, then you must need to make it easy to use and attractive.

You want to raise your online business and attract new customers, but if your website is not user friendly, then you are harming your business rather than better.

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The User friendly website design will help to increase your customers and website traffic

About 85% of people facing problems with poorly performing websites, however the website is representing a quality brand.

A website which is more user friendly is create more confidence and inspire each of the customer who use your website, and if the customers feel as though your website was especially designed for them in mind. Then they will remember your website and come back again to use it each time whenever they want.

What Makes A Website User-Friendly?

  •  Mobile Compatibility
  • Accessible to All Users
  • Well Planned Information Architecture
  • Well-Formatted Content That Is Easy to Scan
  • Fast Load Times
  • Browser Consistency
  • Effective Navigation
  • Good Error Handling
  • Valid Mark Up and Clean Code
  • Contrasting Color Scheme
  • Usable Forms

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